What you don’t know might hurt your business.

  • Are you able to remove all of the data you have on a specific person upon request?
  • Can you ensure that you’re honoring the right to be forgotten of EU citizens?
  • Are you sure that none of your data is being transferred to a third-party who does not have a DPA with your company?
  • Are you honoring your visitors’ cookie preferences?

With Automaton you can answer these questions and be alerted if the answer changes.

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“50 free tests? What does that mean?”

Just think of Automaton as your own benevolent bot brigade. You point them in the direction of your most crucial automation processes, and these bots will burrow into your tech stack to make sure everything is working as expected.

And this isn’t your average demo. Automaton is made by marketing ops people for marketing ops people.

We know what matters to you and we won’t waste your time. Not like that sales guy (you know who we’re talking about) at that marketing tech company (you know the one).

We’ll just cover the important stuff. Like:

  • What can Automaton do for you?
  • How long will it take to get started?
  • How much will it cost?

And any questions you have, of course.

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We were working with the Automaton for only two months, and because they helped us identify the trial, demo, and contact form leads that were never passed on to sales reps, some of those leads are now in our active pipeline. That’s an awesome impact to the business.

Sara Wright

Global Sales Enablement Manager

Automaton is the Best Way to Validate Your MarTech Stack.

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