Is Your Marketing Tech Stack Firing On All Cylinders?

Gain Confidence with Automated Testing

Can Your Ops Team Answer These Questions?

  • When you replace a tool, what impact will it have on your other campaign or configuration flows?
  • What is the average time for a lead to submit a form, receive data augmentation, and land in the queue of the right salesperson?
  • What is the average uptime of your top 10 landing pages and forms?

If not, it’s time for Automaton.

With Automaton, you can be sure that no lead gets lost, no email has a broken link, and that all of your marketing tools are playing together nicely with:

  • Automatic Campaign Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Routing Testing
  • Link Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Configuration Testing

By taking a proactive approach to managing errors, testing data routing, and managing integrations, you’ll save hours each day and thousands of dollars in wasted advertising.

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This isn’t your average demo. Automaton is made by marketing ops people for marketing ops people.

We know what matters to you and we won’t waste your time. Not like that sales guy (you know who we’re talking about) at that marketing tech company (you know the one).

We’ll just cover the important stuff. Like:

  • What can Automaton do for you?
  • How long will it take to get started?
  • How much will it cost?

And any questions you have, of course.

Avoid lost leads, angry salespeople, and falling revenue. Fill out the form or call (425) 270-7733 to schedule a demo today!

We were working with the Automaton for only two months, and because they helped us identify the trial, demo, and contact form leads that were never passed on to sales reps, some of those leads are now in our active pipeline.
That’s an awesome impact to the business.

Sara Wright

Global Sales Enablement Manager

Automaton is the Best Way to Validate Your MarTech Stack.

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