Automaton is an army of robots at your beck and call. We give you a simple, automated way to test landing pages, campaigns, and integrations.

Now you can automate monitoring, test multiple different personas and variations, and schedule tests to make sure everything is running as expected. Automaton is built for a business user but with the same powerful testing tools an SDET might use. The difference is that Automaton allows drop-down configuration rather than code.

In addition to saving time, running an Automaton provides instant documentation needed for GDPR compliance and managing contractors and includes standard test templates to help new testers use best practices out of the box.


Happier Sales People

They’re happy because they can see that their leads are being routed properly, so they can concentrate on selling instead of wondering if leads are slipping through the cracks.

Happier Marketing People

They’re happy because they don’t have to wonder if problems with their martech stack are undermining their marketing campaigns. With Automaton they can confirm that everything is working as it should.

Happier Customers

Your customers will be happy that their demo requests, RFIs, etc. aren’t getting lost in the cloud. They’ll also be glad your automated emails don’t contain broken links!

Happier Boss

Your boss will be happy because your technology is helping you do your job instead of getting in the way. 

Happier Marketing Ops Team

Your marketing ops team will be happy because now they can know immediately if something breaks (before it ruins all of their hard work).


Testing is complex discipline, with a lot of branches. Your tech stack is just as complex. Our onboarding methodology has been developed to give you maximum value at each step with limited impact on your time, even before you sign a contract.

Every project starts with a baseline consultation and demo. This phase can include a baseline analysis or focus on stabilizing a specific issue.

Based on the scope defined in the baseline, we integrate, build templates and onboard your unique testing scenarios into the tool.

Automated testing across your system. Test new campaigns rapidly. Identify and diagnose issues with the click of a button.

Make Sure Your Tools Are Playing Well Together

Get 24/7 Monitoring with Automaton

A form conversion is useless if it’s languishing somewhere in the stack, unable to find its way to the right sales team for follow-up. Automaton makes sure every lead reaches sales, that landing pages are populating and analytics are tagged as expected.  When things are broken (even years in the future), you’ll get email alerts and notifications on your dashboard.

Think of Automaton as an army of robots that test your forms, redirects, emails, conversion tags, data routing, and integrations to make sure that each one reaches its destination exactly as expected. Get Automaton to know that your tech stack is working as it should. Then automatically monitor all critical functions for years to come.