Migration Consulting

Migrations are expensive. It is time to let the robots take over.

Any sort of technology migration is expensive. Depending on the systems an organization chooses and the number of systems that are interconnected, revenue driving activity can suffer for months and sometimes years at the hand of a badly executed migration.

Automaton combines first hand human expertise with automated testing to ensure that your new architecture is working as expected. We monitor the existing system while the new system is being built, all while ensuring that connections, integrations, and processes are never compromised. The final product is exactly as expected because tests, data rules and expectations are perfectly defined up front.


Whether you need help from our technologists to choose the right tool for you or you need a full consulting suite to see the migration through completion, we can help. Here are the different services we offer:

Tool Selection

Automaton understands the revenue ops market and can help find the right tool for you using our baseline analysis and business requirements outline. We explore your ecosystem, figure out what is system critical, and then craft the perfect future state. The end result is a full understanding of your stack and a tool that fits your technical and revops needs. Here’s how we can help you make the right choice:

Assess Needs | Stack Mapping | Tool Evaluation

Support Evaluation | Tool Recommendation

Migration Testing

Testing is one of the most labor intense and time consuming components of a migration. Done correctly, testing begins with getting a baseline assessment of existing performance, then testing at the sandbox, and again at live deployment. Automaton partners with in house teams, agencies and tech vendors to define a test plan, build automated testing, and execute automated testing in moments, not weeks.

With Automaton, you’ll know if a migration is on track and you’ll know the moment any activities affect lead flow or marketing.

Migration Strategy and Timeline | Test Plan | Migration Test

Migration Execution

With hundreds of migrations under their belt, the consulting team at Automaton can help you avoid the endless migration process saving you time, aggravation and money. Our systematic approach works cross-functionally to meet each department’s needs, and communicate change and progress. Then we build a comprehensive plan that will seamlessly transition from the old system to the new without missing a beat. Here’s how we can help:

Implementation Strategy | Content Migration Plan | Implementation | Testing

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