It Took Moxie To Build That Stack

Automated Monitoring across your tech stack gives Revenue Operations teams confidence systems are running flawlessly and a proactive heads up when they aren’t.

Automated Testing of Sales and Marketing Technologies

Anyone who has managed a complex tech stack has experienced minor inconsistencies wrecking havoc across integrated systems. Typos, spelling errors, permissions sets, and other simple problems can break systems sync, prevent proper lead routing, which could prevent your sales team from knowing when great leads are interested in your company.

Stack Moxie’s army of robots work on your behalf to make sure each lead promptly reaches its destination as expected. If errors arise, the robots will proactively notify you so problems can be mitigated quickly.

Testing Strategies to Protect Vital Business Operations

Smoke Testing
Are integrations up & running?

Standardization Testing
Are all data requirements met?

Real-time Monitoring
Do real leads perform as expected?

Black Box Testing
Know what you don’t know.

Campaign Testing
Unit testing in the real world.

Regression Analysis
New things don’t break old ones.

Manually testing campaigns…

…leaves room for errors and wastes valuable human time. Build a moat around your critical business processes so you are proactively alerted when future hiccups arise. Catch problems before they cost you money with core systems like Lead Routing, Marketing Attribution, Advertising Operations, Web Dev, Lead Scoring and Lifecycle.


See All Systems’ Performance From One Dashboard

Don’t waste time hopping from platform to platform to see if your martech is working as expected. Use our seamless integrations with industry elite like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Eloqua, SalesLoft, Dynamics CRM, Google Analytics and more.

Our customer hired Stack Moxie to help identify issues that stem from “rip-and-replace” deinstallations. In the end, we helped them identify broken lead routing, and return over 2,000 leads to the rightful sales reps. Learn more about how we did it.


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