Manage your Sales and Marketing Operations with Quality and Scale 

Automate Monitoring with Scenarios

Think of a scenario as a testing plan … that does something.  It can be as simple as “Is a tag firing on a page?” or as complicated “Is my campaign setup correctly across all of the tools in my stack?”

The Status of a Scenario gives you a simple Passed or Failed answer for the most recent “test run”.

Scenarios can be scheduled to run automatically, at the frequency your business needs – daily, hourly or less frequently.

Get Started with Pre-Set Starters

Go from zero to world-class with Scenarios configured to the most common failures. Validate confirmation emails are running, forms are connecting to your Martech, pages are up, tags are firing and more.

Build Your Own Scenarios

Your business is complicated.  With Scenarios you turn a complex series of requirements into a simple pass or fail.  Take all of the changing and complex source and UTM tracking from analytics, and hand the field marketers button to push.  Give the web team a way to know if their changes will break a marketing automation process, with out ever needing access to your marketing automation or CRM tools.

Whether configured by your team on the fly, or created by our team during on boarding, Scenarios make complex things simple to share and validate.


Get Alerts When Tests Fail

When Scenarios fail, you will get Alerts directly in your email with error log details, so you can quickly make it right.

Will the customer fill out the form and be routed to the right salesperson?  Know before it every affects your customers and prospects.

Monitor Status & Reliability Over Time

Use our Status Dashboard to get an at-a-glance overview of your operational performance so you can identify problematic trends or inconsistency. Our customers use status to identify failures during time of day or day of week that would be impossible to know otherwise.

Evaluate the performance of technology tools, teams and vendors to make sure you aren’t wasting money on sloppy implementations, downtime and broken integrations.

Integrate and Test Across Your Entire Stack

Don’t waste time hopping from platform to platform to see if your martech is working as expected or if your new campaign is ready to launch.  With just one Scenario, you make sure things are working across your tech stack.  Automaton comes ready with pushbutton connection to industry standards like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Eloqua, and has standard integrations  to most common tools in Marketing or Sales Technology.

Your Automaton instance can also be connected to your inhouse technology.  Your developers can custom build integrations using Crank, our open-source development platform.  Or, our team of efficient developers can build as a part of your pilot or onboarding.

Ready to see it for yourself? 

See how Automaton can help save you time, money and aggravation.