Solutions for:

Customer Support Teams

Automaton will notify you and your customers when something isn’t integrating correctly. That way you can understand the impact of new releases not just in your software, but across your customers entire stack—before problems arise.

Find Solutions Faster

Automaton can monitor critical operations so that when a customer has a problem you can easily see what went wrong.

That means you can analyze and report product malfunctions before your customers find the problem and flood your inbox with support tickets.


Stay Ahead of Problems

Automaton will notify you when something isn’t integrating correctly. That way you can fix it before it becomes a problem.


The Rest of the Team Will Love It Too

Since Automaton detects and alerts you to bugs before they do any damage, your sales and marketing teams can rest easy knowing that your marketing technology is working as it should.

"I rarely find something obvious wrong. I've never found something intentionally wrong. But I almost always find something big that is mishandling data or violating a policy."

– Ariel Sasso, Customer Success Lead, Automaton

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